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VelocityShares Daily Inverse VIX ST ETN (XIV)

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79.293+0.34 (+0.43%)
As of 10:34AM EDT. Market open.
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  • I am new. Should I buy this at the current price?
  • Breaks $78. Alright!!!
  • Hello guys !. I need your advice(s), have not done any XIV trading so far in my 2 years of trading. How does this work? is there a pattern that needs to be followed , like moving averages..etc? Or just buy on dips and wait for it to rise back again?
  • JYSE, if you still own shares, you are safe to sell them in the 1st hour or so today, as this instrument tends to have a bit of sideways momentum. I did what others have, namely, to sell near Friday's peak. You could do even better selling today, or holding a bit, if you wish.
  • Bought XIV at $66 and sold at $75. It went to $82. Bought it on a dip again at $70 and now t is close to $77. I am planning to stay in it for a while but if the news starts becoming more negative, will get out and will buy it on dip again. If the administration settles in, XIV should be a real money maker. In the long run, XIV will make money if you are planning to keep it for very very long time say 30 years. In 2010, if you would have invested $10,000 in XIV, it would have been $70,000 by beginning of 2017. Short term dips are good opportunity to buy XIV. Volatility periods are usually short compared to periods that are not volatile so even if XIV dips, it will eventually bounce back up and will go up. So buy XIV on dips without getting perturbed by thoughts of more volatility.
  • Moving cash to bond ETF. XIV is not moving enough. Cash won't do me any good if not in use. Wait for next pullback.
  • Buying high yield bond etf and m-reit stock for monthly interest. XIV close to all-time high and may pullback. Don't put all eggs in one basket.
  • I thank God for answering my prayer to have this 18% pullback last week. I made some mistakes by jumping in too early and bought too many shares at higher prices. I was worried the pullback may be less intensive and would bounce back right away. I didn't happen. Congrats to people waited patiently and bought shares near the end of this past Wednesday and through Thursday. Your buy timing was good. Although this time it worked out for you, you could have easily missed this opportunity to buy the dip had you waited too long for deeper dip. Hind sight is always 20/20. One lesson I learned is not to catch the falling knife next time. So buying on the second day, after the selling panic faded away, should be more logical.

    I was doing fine during the Thursday session. I sold and bought back quite a few shares multiple times and made some profit. When price swings within a channel, active trading is better than staying put.

    I sold too early through the Friday session. I was a gap up and stay up day without reversal. If the price jumps back to $80 range soon, the $74 price I sold will look too cheap. However, if the price dives to $67 range again next week, I might be a genius again. So it's not a total failure. Selling preserves cash and reduces downside risk but loses upside gain as well.

    The problem I have to solve is how to sell shares from here? Should I hold until new high is reached? Should I keep selling up and wait for next correction? Or something in between? Anyone's opinion is welcome. Thanks.
  • Just to be safe, I've put in a $77.50 stop order to sell the extra shares I'm holding. Who knows what the FED will say today.
  • Nothing to write home about today. Looking forward to a more exciting tomorrow.
  • OK, l looks like the VIX is breaking into an intraday low while XIV isn't yet reacting. A temporary buy.
  • Slightly up pre-market. Looks like the concert explosion in UK has no impact so far.
  • XIV is not going up or down. No volatility at all. S&P 500 is up 0.2% near all-time high but XIV is down 0.35% and is 7% below all-time high. Something is gonna change.
  • Looking back, apparently I jumped in too early at $77 on Tuesday's open and I should have bought all my shares at $67.5 near Tuesday's close. But that's not reality. When XIV dropped $5 from $82 to $77, that's too much discount for me already. I started buying and kept buying all the way down to $67.50, not knowing what would happen. It's also very possible that a daily reversal could have saved my earlier "mistakes". Well, now I know Tuesday was a straight down day. So? Who knew Wednesday was a very nice choppy day with multiple small reversals. I was like a happy fish in the water. I could not place new buy and sell orders fast enough after the old ones got executed. Since I cannot foresee the future, I can only follow my buy-low and sell-high strategy strictly without thinking or guessing. Had I set a predetermined percentage before I start buying, say 20%, I would have missed Wednesday's action all together, because I was near all cash on Monday. It's comfortable and safe on the sideline watching XIV on a free fall. It's painful watching XIV rebounds without shares to sell. Now I have more shares than cash and I could not care less if XIV goes up or down from here. As long as XIV is moving, I am in the game. Yes, I should have waited for the Tuesday's low before buying all my now "expensive" shares. But I would be sipping cocktail on a beach and not here if I I had the crystal ball.
  • $74 is still pretty cheap compared to $77 Tuesday's open and $82 high. Anyone buying if you missed yesterday's pullback?
  • Looks like another positive day for XIV. I need a faster computer and internet connection.
  • Looks like it will open positive. Is this a good sign?
  • I bought 5 lots between 69.01 and 67.76, and sold them after the peak, at 74.38. I can't tell if it's pausing or rolling over. It's hard to trade volatility instruments when they are moving sideways.
  • VXX movement still out of parity with XIV. More upside possible?
  • At least it's moving. We need to see some more volatility!