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Energy Select Sector SPDR ETF (XLE)

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66.50-1.23 (-1.82%)
At close: 8:00PM EDT
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  • I'm a trader in the (3x daily bearish ) ERY, look at the six month chart. that picture is worth... money in my acct. index looks heavy and if oil rallies above $56 and stays there I would probably reverse. Still short oil after maximum jawboning, retest range.
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  • lower oil out put extended, check, oil storage levels slowly coming down, check, driving season begins this weekend, check, computor manipulation, check check, im sure facebook benifits from low oil prices
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  • STOP ITS A TRAP!!!!!
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    Energy Select Sector SPDR Fund NYSE $XLE Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks Sep-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 4,338 NYSE Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is -0.1 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stocks
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  • PVHO may be on the verge of another breakout. Last time it went from 7 cents to over 50. Intel recently wrote a whitepaper about the company and their 3d holographic technology. This one could be ready to go. Start your research.
  • $XLE 70.63-0.28 (-0.4%)Energy Select Sector SPDR
    Option Analysis for Energy (XLE) components on the 21-Oct-16 Expiration
    ATM straddles returned a negative -1.1% on average from the previous business day
    The upside wings (25 delta calls) declined -2.9%
    Downside puts (25 delta puts) lost -3.3%
    XLE is comprised of 36 components
  • State Street refuses to disclose if fund managers have any skin in the game.

    I emailed them & they said they don't disclose that kind of information (T Rowe Price sent me a prospectus & pointed me directly to the pages which showed how much money each manager actually had invested in the mutual funds they were responsible for.

    I sold all of my XLE for an 11% gain & will retain my ownership of the similarly indexed Vanguard VDE.

    Screw State Street!!!
  • https://youtu.be/GfX-F7kpaIo

    Secret Treasury Plan
    Over at the US Treasury they had a GSE Takeover Plan six months before they perpetrated their 3rd Amendment Sweep Scam upon the captive Shareholders of Fanni...
  • This may be a BEAR coming for dinner the XLE SKEW - Bearish Sentiment Traders are pricing in a larger-than-average implied volatility premium to buy downside puts relative to upside calls. Currently, the downside puts are trading at a +22.0% premium to upside calls, but the 52-week average is +19.1%. This suggests that traders believe there is more short-term risk to the downside than to the upside, and they are paying higher premiums to guard against that risk. found the idea here. https://marketchameleon.com/

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    COULD THIS BE BULLISH FOR THE MARKET? Today's Implied Volatility (IV) is Elevated in 1 of the 9 S&P Sector ETFs
    $SPY, $XLY, $XLP, $XLE, $XLF, $XLV, $XLI, $XLB and $XLK are at moderate to high levels while the remaining Sector IVs are subdued. source https://marketchameleon.com/Reports/marketSnapshot

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    Implied Volatility (IV) is Lower in All 9 S&P Sector ETFs. SPY, XLY, XLP and XLI at moderate to high levels while $XLK $XLU $XLV $XLY $XLF $XLE XLB Sector IVs are subdued.

    SPY, XLY, XLP and XLI at moderate to high levels while the remaining Sector IVs are subdued.
  • Could be a time to think BULLISH the 30-Day Downside Put Protection Falls to Lowest Level in 12 months in $XLE. The cost to protect downside risk fell to 1.8%, the lowest level since Sep 9, 2015 when it was at 1.8%. The 52-Week average is 2.9% and the 52-Week range is 1.8% - 5.1%. https://marketchameleon.com/Overview/XLE/IV