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  • Fed rate back in April will show on July financials. June rate hike will show up the following. Bank sector upgraded to buy. Time to buy
  • Donald Trump would have '10 minutes to react' if a North Korean nuclear missile strikes the US mainland
    North Korea tested its most powerful missile yet with some suggesting the missile, if proven in further tests, could reach Alaska and Hawaii if fired on a normal, instead of a lofted, trajectory.
    GEORGE FRIEDMAN: A US attack on North Korea is Imminent
    Business Insider
    The US is preparing to attack North Korea, according to Geopolitical Futures founder George Friedman — setting the stage for a difficult, messy war with potentially catastrophic consequences.

    Speaking Monday to a rapt audience at the 2017 Strategic Investment Conference in Orlando, Friedman said that while it was unlikely the US would take action before President Donald Trump returns home at the weekend, North Korea's actions appeared to have "offered the US no alternative" to a clash.

    According to Geopolitical Futures analysis, evidence is mounting that the enmity between the two is escalating to a point where war is inevitable.

    Friedman said that on May 20, the USS Carl Vinson supercarrier and USS Ronald Reagan were both within striking distance of North Korea.

    Additionally, more than 100 F-16 aircraft are conducting daily exercises in the area, a tactic that foreshadowed the beginning of Desert Storm in 1991.

    F-35 aircraft have also been deployed to the area, and US government representatives are expected to brief Guam on civil defense, terrorism, and Korea on May 31.

    All of these strategic moves telegraph one outcome — conflict.

    Friedman's decision to make public his focus on North Korea comes days after the secretive state's latest ballistic missile launch. The UN Security Council condemned its "highly destabilizing behavior and flagrant and provocative defiance" of the organization.
  • The Left is putting pressure on corporate America such as JPM and GE. The Left policies over US Law and Trump policy. XLF i am out GE out. I hope voters are following this and acting accordingly
  • Obama's lack of strength World wide has put America and World peace at risk. Some say intended. any missile would be intercepted in the air.
  • 23 for the rest of our lives
  • clobbered
  • White South Africans Are Preparing For "Removal of All Whites Within Five Years"

    Back in March, the President of South Africa made a shocking suggestion, which left many white landowners fearing that they may face a race war in the near future. In a speech, Jacob Zuma announced that he wanted the government to begin confiscating white owned lands, before redistributing them to black South Africans.

    Obviously, this kind of talk doesn’t bode well for the future of South Africa. You have the leaders of the first and third most popular political parties, both of which promote socialist ideas, openly declaring that they want the government to steal from an entire racial group. Since these political parties wouldn’t be in power unless they had some degree of popular support, it’s clear that black South Africans are increasingly turning against their white neighbors. It’s a perfect recipe for genocide.

    Suidlanders has a large-scale evacuation protocol in place in case an ethnic civil war happens, designed to remove roughly 20% of the estimated 4.8 million white South Africans safely from the embattled region.
    It’s sad that it has come to this. Once the most wealthy and developed nation on the continent, South Africa is quickly turning into an economic basket case, brimming with racial tensions that could spill over at any time. Once again, socialism and multiculturalism have proven to be total failures.

    The 'WHITE squatter camps' of South Africa: Shanty towns built after the fall of Apartheid are now home to hundreds of families
    Working-class white people, most of them Afrikaans-speakers, are going through an intense crisis in South Africa
    This is one of 80 white squatter townships in country where families live in poverty, with little food or running water
    The 'white squatter camps' of South Africa
    The squatter camp in Munsieville, near Johannesburg, is one of 80 across South Africa. It is built on the site of an old refuse site and home to around 300, of which a quarter are children.
  • Average credit card debt family household is $16,000
  • China Warns its Citizens in North Korea to Leave as Conflict with US Looms

    Fearing a possible US attack on North Korea, Beijing is urging its citizens there to return, as Pyongyang continues its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile tests.

    A Korean-Chinese citizen who left Pyongyang after receiving the warning in late April told Radio Free Asia, "The embassy has never given such a warning. I was worried and left the country in a hurry," according to the Korea Times.

    Through the state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), the North has stated that it will "continue to bolster its military capabilities for self-defense and pre-emptive nuclear attack.
    North Korea Ratcheting Up Sub Missile Launch Program, Satellite Images Suggest
    New satellite images indicate that North Korea could be expanding its submarine-launched ballistic missile program (SLBM), as photos show the presence of Pyongyang’s second submersible test-stand barge.

    The barge was spotted on North Korea’s west coast in aerial photos taken of the Nampo Naval Shipyard, 38 North, a North Korean watchdog site hosted by Johns Hopkins University’s US-Korea institute, noted in a Monday analysis.
    Hawaii preparation for North Korea nuke attack far from complete
    No place to hide

    Kailua, a beach community on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, has everything that residents and visitors could want from a tropical paradise: exquisite beaches, crystal clear water and modern amenities. No wonder it now boasts nearly 55,000 residents and thousands of yearly tourists, including the Obamas.

    But one thing this paradise doesn’t have is an adequate number of fallout shelters – there are only three with enough room for 235 people -- in case North Korea launches an intercontinental ballistic missile or nuclear attack.
  • Credit card debt mounting...
  • As North Korea Speeds Its Nuclear Program, U.S. Fears Time Will Run Out
    The New York Times

    WASHINGTON — Behind the Trump administration’s sudden urgency in dealing with the North Korean nuclear crisis lies a stark calculus: a growing body of expert studies and classified intelligence reports that conclude the country is capable of producing a nuclear bomb every six or seven weeks.

    North Korea is now threatening another nuclear test, which would be its sixth in 11 years. The last three tests — the most recent was in September — generated Hiroshima-size explosions. It is unclear how Mr. Trump would react to a test, but he told representatives of the United Nations Security Council at the White House on Monday that they should be prepared to pass far more restrictive sanctions.

    Unless something changes, North Korea’s arsenal may well hit 50 weapons by the end of Mr. Trump’s term.

    And it is aiming for something much bigger: a hydrogen bomb, with a destructive force up to 1,000 times greater than ordinary nuclear weapons.

    Is US Back To Business As Usual With North Korea?

    SEOUL: After weeks of sabre-rattling, including a threat that military action was an "option on the table" to check North Korea's nuclear and missile ambitions, the White House gave a highly anticipated briefing for senators Wednesday

    But a statement released afterwards did not mention a military option -- only pledging to step up sanctions in order to force a return to dialogue -- and Admiral Harry Harris said the US was not looking to bring the regime to its knees.

    Analysts said the briefing shed little light on Donald Trump's intentions, but that there was every indication the administration was reverting to conventional tactics pursued by previous governments with little result.
  • 24 adding.
  • Sell in may is coming do not go long during the summer.
  • growing weary of the banks
  • North Korea Blows Up US Carrier, Capitol In Propaganda Video
    Apr 27, 2017 8:20 PM

    Against the backdrop of missile launches, the caption read: “We will show you what a strong country that leads the world in nuclear and missile technology is capable of.”
    A similar video, showing missiles arcing over the Pacific and leaving a U.S. city in flames, followed by images of a burning American flag and a cemetery filled with white crosses, was shown during a concert held April 16 and attended by Kim.


    Kim Jong-un’s campaign to develop a nuclear missile to strike the East Coast of the US is driving the two powers towards an inevitable conflict, warned Admiral Lord West.

    The former First Sea Lord chillingly predicted there is a “real” risk the US will be left with no choice but to launch a “massive strike” against North Korea.

    He said it was “inconceivable” any US President – would allow “barking mad” Kim to obtain a nuclear ICBM.

    The consequences will be catastrophic and it really worries me.
    “I don’t believe any American president will allow Kim Jong-un to be in a position to say ‘you give me some more food and stop these sanctions, otherwise I am going to destroy San Francisco’.”

    The Falklands war veteran previously warned the world is at highest risk of nuclear strike in “decades” as conflicts flare in the Pacific, the Middle East and between Russia and the US.

    He said: “It is inconceivable the American nation would allow Kim Jong-un to develop a ballistic missile which actually has a functional warhead that can carried to strike the western United State.”

    The top Brit military mind blasted nuclear-hungry Kim as “barking mad” and emphasised the looming North Korea crisis is a “real worry”.

    He said there is a risk the US may be forced into launching a “massive strike with bombers and cruise missiles” to ensure Pyongyang cannot develop a weapon capable of either striking or holding the western seaboard to ransom”.
  • Trump Warns There Is A Chance Of "A Major, Major Conflict" With North Korea
    Apr 27, 2017 9:20 PM

    While emoting sympathy for Kim Jong Un's situation, President Trump told Reuters, during a lengthy interview ahead of his 100th day in office, that he'd "love to solve things diplomatically," but warned that "there is a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with North Korea."

    Still, as Reuters notes, just a day after he and his top national security advisers briefed U.S. lawmakers declaring North Korea "an urgent national security threat and top foreign policy priority;" and one day before Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will press the United Nations Security Council on sanctions to further isolate Pyongyang over its nuclear and missile programs, it's clear where this could lead...

    "There is a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with North Korea. Absolutely."
    U.S. officials said military strikes remained an option but played down the prospect, though the administration has sent an aircraft carrier and a nuclear-powered submarine to the region in a show of force.


    Could a North Korean Nuclear Missile Hit the White House?
    Here's what you need to know.
  • BAC AND WFC going to carry the sector. not sure when to start adding
  • French MP Fears Political Turmoil, Dissolution of Parliament If Macron Wins

    Macron to Speed Merger of Africa, Europe & Middle East

    VIDEO is GOING VIRAL ACROSS EUROPE - Viewed on Breitbart, YouTube & ZeroHedge

    if you're thinking of - Traveling to Europe, Investing, Moving . . .

    VIDEO: With Open Gates: The Forced Collective Suicide of European Nations’,

    Is a hard-hitting film about the European migrant crisis is going viral in Europe, already watched MILLIONS OF TIMES.

    Although the 19-minute film may feel like a dispatch from the future, it is cut entirely from recent news reports, police camera footage, and interviews.

    Average Income 1,000 yr
    The Market Oracle - Video: Africa Population Explosion - Why Europe's Migrant Crisis is Going to Get A Lot Worse
    RT - EU ‘Wiping Out’ Original Population In Favor Of Migrants
  • US Warns of Response to Any North Korean Nuke Test
    17 Apr 2017

    The U.S. warned Sunday of unspecified action against North Korea if the regime of Kim Jong-un conducted another underground nuclear test following a failed missile launch.

    "If it had been a nuclear test, then other actions would have been taken from the U.S.," said a White House foreign policy advisor traveling with Vice President Mike Pence in South Korea.
  • Multi-Cultural Diversity News
    DailyMail UK

    'I hate white people': What man screaming 'Allahu Akbar' told police after he was arrested for randomly shooting dead three people on the streets of Fresno, California
    Kori Ali Muhammad, 39, shot and killed three people in Fresno, California
    He reportedly shouted 'Allahu Akbar' before shooting three white men
    He is also wanted in the death of a security guard on Easter Sunday

    A man shot and killed three people on the streets of downtown Fresno on Tuesday, shouting 'God is great' in Arabic while being arrested and later told police that he hates white people, authorities said.
    Kori Ali Muhammad, 39, was apprehended shortly after the shootings. His victims were all white males apparently chosen at random.

    BTW, Not a "Hate Crime"