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  • Bankrupting the Oil Industry, OPEC and Russia

    I. On War

    Arising first near sources of cheap coal and since created systematically by government, technological schwerpunkte accelerate development: Since the Napoleonic Wars, Germany has promoted industry and science with state-funded universities and institutes. From 1936-40, to copy materials from the Black Forest UFO, the Reich funded scanning and transmission electron microscopes. The UFO crash enabled an expedition which found, without subglacial maps, the volcano-free mountains in New Swabia. SS-led research enabled production of polysilicon. The Netherlands profited from Göring's overlordship: E.g. technology for producing integrated circuits was developed (1942), patented in the US and improved by the Apollo and Minuteman programmes. After Peenemünde was bombed in 1943, the polysilicon, integrated circuit and navigational computer works for A9/A10 ICBMs at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Silicate Research were moved from Berlin to bunkers in the Rhön Mountains. The jet and rocket projects SS-General Hans Kammler executed doubled as decoys, diverting attention from the UFO. In 3/1947, the US abandoned its invasion of Antarctica and plan to deindustrialise Germany: Antarctica has few organisms, allowing aliens to inhabit a subterranean spaceport and deep-sea mining centre. UFOs were soon sighted near all the US' nuclear sites. Due to the diversion of German expertise in New Mexico to copy the UFO, a copy of which crashed in 7/1947, rocketry lagged the German-led Soviet project. On 9.7.47, the day the US Army called the copy of the UFO a balloon, Walter Dornberger, Hans Kammler's deputy, was released from Camp 198. Naturally, the SS' foreign organisation profited: Fascists the US has admitted hiring had to have employed it; otherwise recruiting thousands more fascists would have been impossible. In 1948, a polysilicon plant was begun in the US after failures with silicon transistors; without research acquired from the SS dictating use of pure materials, anticipating quantum physics proofs, American industry would not have been so prescient. Walther Riedel told the media UFOs are relevant in 1952; the CIA fired him in 1953. The USSR funded research on UFOs, projects to mitigate their impact on its military and concluded the best defence was to withdraw from Germany: From 9/1977, due to UFOs near Leningrad, it investigated paranormal space phenomena; in 7/1989, it investigated the surveillance of Kapustin Yar; in 4/1990, the Soviet Air Defence Forces reported 100+ sightings of a UFO near Moscow; after the DDR announced reunification, a fleet of UFOs was sighted near Peenemünde; in 1990, the KGB reanalysed Operation Highjump (1946-7) and concluded the US military tried to find a fortress used by the SS in New Swabia and was attacked by UFOs. From 1976-90, the Luftwaffe funded stealth materials and computing technologies. Since 1990, naval funding has enabled development of batteries, fuel cells and U-boats that surpass all warships in crush depth, detection of enemies and engagement ranges. Advances in the metallurgy of refractory metals, epitaxy and nanolithography have enabled manufacturing of heat shields and high-temperature electronics for aerospace devices, nuclear fusion reactors and drilling rigs. Autonomous systems for tracked earthmovers and panzers will eliminate vehicle operators' energy use. To aid manufacturing of F-35s, German robotic assembly systems have been adapted and deployed near Edwards AFB. The Fukushima disaster has facilitated funding for robots, glass nanofoundries, cleansing radioactive waste and producing deuterium and tritium. Near the Black Forest, a state-backed consortium is industrialising technologies portrayed by a German actor, with Cyberdyne Systems model numbers: e.g. mass production of robotic components with lasers and high-capacity and rapidly-rechargeable batteries. Mass production of microstructured magnetic sensory integrated circuits with variable angle incidence plasma reactors increases the functionality of industrial and military robots. Nanofabrication of quartz glass microcircuits enables energy-efficient robotic components similar to Hollywood's Crystal Skulls. Technology has enabled $4,6 trillion in trade surpluses, supplementing German wealth with vast foreign assets; land values have limited the living space and births per person of non-Europids to little more than 60% of post-1989 German levels.

    II. Materials and Energy

    German technologies reduce energy production costs, coal, gas and oil use and their prices as they are replaced. To isolate Northern protectionists, Germany AG industrialised the South. The Southern US dwarfed the North in textiles and apparel in 1947; German machines filled the factories by 1980; fully robotic production will make the Third World's workers and oil use redundant. Air-and-fibre analytic textile systems on factory-level computers will reduce demand for energy, labour, natural fibres and petrochemicals. Silk manufactured with genetically engineered bacteria will replace petrochemicals. Since 1960, plasma reactors pioneered with German state funding have displaced energy- and labour-intensive microstructuring systems. After 1970, to deploy lasers, state-subsidised projects achieved supremacy in diamond tools, ion beams, nano stepper motors and crystal machining: German organisations now supply more than half of all lasers. Plasma reactors and ambient air pressure and high-to-low thermal flux plasma systems reduce the tonnage of chemicals needed to process yarn, textiles, hides and three-dimensional wooden, plastic and metallic components, and energy and labour demand therefrom, by more than 99%. Electromagnetic pulse extermination systems will replace chemicals in automotive painting. Replacing chemicals with lasers for microstructuring metals enables mass production of metal-silicate composites and economic increases in aircraft durability and fuel efficiency. Integrated laser-furnace systems enable replacement of petrochemicals with glass. Retooling engine factories with laser-plasma reactors extends usage of diamond-like carbon films, colonisation of American firms and reduces oil use. Plasma reactors reduce the energy and total cost of carbon yarn by half. Automated manufacturing of curved and flat carbon fibre reinforced polymers (CFRPs) reduces component costs. Robotic milling of CFRPs with vehicle-mounted machine tools reduces the labour, energy and materials needed to manufacture aircraft, automobiles, rolling stock and ships. Dry adhesive materials that were once limited to light loads, microrobots and geckos will be mass-produced for industrial and military robots. Multi-axial, simultaneous and variable-length pulse laser machining of machine elements and moulds will eliminate skilled labour. Automated production systems for polymer composites enable lightweight, bigger and more economic wind turbines. Mould, die and extrusion technologies enable replacement of petrochemicals with starch and cellulose foams. Near the Wehrmacht's synthetic rubber sites, Green systems have been deployed that reduce energy use comparably with natural rubber. Weight reduction in machine construction increases energy efficiency, speed, precision and dominance in the aerospace, automotive, laser and textile industries. Supremacy in mass-producing nanostructured polymer- and glass-based optics, nonlinear crystals, bionic microlenses, infrared and diamond optics and hyperspectral, terahertz and three-dimensional cameras supports deployment of energy- and labour-saving automation systems. Radar developed with Green subsidies collects data with little energy, facilitating deployment of robots and detection of defective components. Robotic vision operating at resolutions several orders of magnitude greater than radar, and imperceptible to humans, will facilitate mechanisation of agriculture, industry, healthcare and warfare. Imaging and automation technologies reduce recycling costs, demand for raw materials and oil demand. Mass-produced sensors and radio frequency modules dispense with batteries, external power and janitorial and warehouse workers' cost and energy use. State-funded autonomous railway technologies will displace oil-intensive fast freight. Thermally conductive polymers enable water-based, mould-free and energy-efficient heating and cooling. Bionic concrete enables collection of energy from building exteriors. Nanoengineered superalloys, ball bearings and coatings improve coal power plants' energy efficiency. Nanoengineered paints increase the durability of steel infrastructure and ships by more than two orders of magnitude, reducing oil and gas production costs. Electronics operating at more than twice conventional heat limits increase productivity of oil and gas drilling rigs and enable development of deeper reserves. Silicate materials technologies improve the reliability of sonar and enable real-time monitoring of oil field equipment and turbines at nearly five times conventional heat limits. Laser systems enable production of high-capacity silicate- and polymer-based pipelines that will reduce costs of transporting oil, natural gas and hydrogen. Oil produced from stranded natural gas fields, farm, paper mill and sawmill waste, and rubber from optimised dandelions, will replace petroleum. Alien electronics inspired the Reich's production of polysilicon; Green technology is aiding the conquest of electronic chemicals markets. Supremacy in electron-, ion-, plasma- and laser-based production technologies aids deployment of solar cells, fuel cells, power electronics, supercapacitors and batteries. Green technologies aid German conquests: The oil dictatorships and "superpowers" are becoming more dependent.


  • XOM may be a compelling opportunity. I started receiving notifications from awesomeS-TOCKS the other week and so far they have presented interesting new trade ideas.
  • do u guys think 80$ will hold? Are the liberals going to go after Tillerson, He is such an asset to the country. The negotiations with Russia on Syria could actually ,finally, have those safe zones in place with the joint power of both countries on watch
  • Any substance to rumors of Exxon about to sign farm-in deal (full takeover?) of APCLs west African licenses, A1 + A4 in The Gambia and SOSP IN Senegal? Anyone heard or seen anything to support this?
  • Liberal including Media attack on 1st Amendment Rights. we dont care that the people voted for Trump
  • Good short: TBK. Read their 8k and the de listing notice and you'll see why.
  • BP 1.22 book value vs XOM 1.79, BP pays 6.7% dividend vs xom yield, which one you choose?
  • I love the theme music for the new XOM commercial...The Farmer In The DellGot POISONED BY HIS WELLWith all the #$%$ that they dumped inEXXON SHOULD GO TO HELL!
  • Just to be clear about denial


    Latest claim: The Greenland ice sheet is growing
    00:00 https://www.sott.net/article/348765-Hey-NASA-check-out-DMIs-Greenland-ice-graph-to-obtain-correct-information 00:20 -- https://www.iceagenow.info/green...
    the fed says they are going to raise rates !
    china is IMPLODING oil demand down 12% in April !
    Largest Car Rental firm HERTZ tanking HUGE on LOSS !

    XOM should be in the high 50's max!
  • stock holds strong above $80, maybe a good sign?
  • We haven't had 2 up days in a row! Hoping for $.70-$1.50 tomorrow 🤗
  • See oil field discovery news $PTRC. Small cap to watch. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/petro-river-oil-drill-second-100000632.html

    Petro River Oil to Drill for Second Discovery in Osage County, OK
    NEW YORK, May 15, 2017--: Petro River Oil Corp., an independent oil and gas exploration company, expects to spud the Red Fork Channel 1-3 well today in its Pearsonia West concession in Osage County, Ok. ...
  • Sorry, but $47/bbl crude just doesn't cut it. XOM may be reporting losses in the near term. However, the dividend is relatively safe.
  • SP closes at $82.31 yesterday but it pays dividend of $0.77, bringing down the SP to $81.54. Actually it is up in pre-market.
  • China is imploding and oil demand is collapsing there...
    This can't be good news for xom can it ?
    "A Complete Mess" - China Stocks, Bonds, Commodities Crumble As Trade Data Disappoints
    The forced deleveraging of China's WMP-driven excess was not helped overnight by disappointing trade data as both import and export growth slumped.
  • XOM is going to 47-52 range.
  • Hanes Brands tanking !!
    Amazon very red !
    Bojangles tanking huge !
    Dennys Down Big !!
    Groupon collapsing !!
    why is XOM green ?
  • #$%$ STOCK.. can't seem to get out of its own way. ALWAYS 2 steps forward and 3 steps back !!!