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  • A CEO stating that they cannot meet earnings guidance 1 1/2 years from now should be removed from that position. Bye Bye Jeffrey
  • I have owned this stock for a long time. It is DEAD MONEY!! Jeff is a terrible CEO. Needs replaced NOW!!!
  • Millions in buybacks stock goes down . Billions in deals with 1/2 the world stock goes down. Jeff spends 200 million on new office space stock goes down . 267 million gas turbine deal stock goes down . Saudi Arabia 15 billion$ deal stock goes down . Someone on the BOD stop the madness this guy couldn't manage a 2 car parade down a 1 way street .
  • Hi friends its me Jeffy, i have a long weekend at the beach planned. I am so stressed because i am not sure which bottle of wine to have with my lobster but don't worry your pretty little shareholders heads, I have an assistant that will make the decision. should be a fun weekend, I have a bunch of the board members coming as they love my vacation mansions.
    I am so glad I figured out now that 2018 is going to be a bad year for earnings. I am thinking by 2020 we should get back to positive cash flow and get that stock up to about $30
    have a great weekend little shareholders. Jeffy
  • How many GE employees does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    6 Executives in a newly created 'focus team' providing directions to a single employee on what exactly it is they want done. Of course none agree so the employee will respond to every useless inquiry asked by each before he/she takes it upon themselves to just climb the ladder and screw it in. In the end the executives are all awarded with bonuses for the newly lighted area and their expertise in making it happen and the employee is laid off as a cost cutting measure.

    Immelt's GE
  • After many years of owning GE Stock I finally sold the rest of my shares, I was long so showed a profit. I would have hung onto it but honestly sold based on my lack of confidence of CEO and BOD.
  • Immelt and the Emperors New Clothes. Nothing new here. Time for new leadership at GE including a BOD's that will do their job.
  • $600 Billion Market Cap in 2000- The stock buybacks have hidden in part exactly how much capital has been squandered during the Immelt regime. So Immelt has overseen the value of GE from $600 billion to $228. At one point, there was discussion of GE becoming the first trillion dollar company. With all the assets at their disposal, you would think that GE could have become the leader in one disruptive business. Their foray into 3D printing is probably a bureaucratic nightmare. In the transition to electric vehicles, where is GE? High speed wireless? Google and Facebook create new businesses in a flash and GE sets up committees.
  • Incredible. Immelt speaks, stock dives. Hasn't or the board have SOME sort of concern for the average shareholder? When all is said and done, what kind of people are these. Immelt should resign.
  • the supreme vote of no confidence is now in. As if it needed any more proof than the last decade of gasping for air to survive only to live to tread water. Immelt's GE will not see $30 so long as he remains. Tons of bureaucracy and assets underperforming on his watch. GE needs a major restructuring from top to bottom. Its leadership has built a bad ship. And it needs to be run with a new captain. Immelt has tainted the company for investors and his presence will now hold this down given the complete lack of faith of his leadership. He should step down for the good of millions of shareholders and employees. He has a responsibility now to do so. And the BOD should seeto this before they get their own walking papers
  • Immelt must go !
  • immelt needs to be fired and if he is not the Board of Directors need to be replaced
  • Decision of the day for Jeffy, which vacation home to fly the corporate jet to this long weekend.
  • It's outrageous that Immelt is still the CEO of GE. Shareholders should be considering a class action lawsuit against this corrupt CEO and the Board of Directors.
  • So you are a GE Employee and your world is in chaos. Leadership is running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to provide Jeff his $1 Bln in expense reductions. They are cooking the books to get the numbers to look right (fake savings). But what they are cutting is every employee perk they can.

    And with this, Jeff goes around in speaking engagements talking about leadership and defining what a true leader is. News Flash Jeff.....You are no leader! If you had an ounce of integrity and leadership qualities you would come out and publicly announce that you will forego that 20% bonus attached to this expense cut, regardless of GE meeting it's target, numbers as a matter of personal sacrifice the way the working employees are sacrificing to make your numbers.

    But Jeff won't do this because ego and greed, not leadership, is what Immelt is all about.

    Jeff please quit, we all want you to. Your employees (beyond the minions who are your staff yes men and the board) have no faith in your ability to lead. You are demolishing job satisfaction and employee productivity. You are despised in the halls of our offices.
  • The board needs to fire Immelt and break the company up to realize its true value. Currently, the management is just feasting at the trough of a bureaucratic behemoth.
  • Just think where the DOW would be if they kicked this POS out!
  • Immelt should have been fired 15 years ago. What a loser.
  • How dumb can Immelt be when one firm came out and indicated the dividend may be reduced and then he follows up in meeting today and indicates they may have a difficult time meeting 2018 goals. Does he not have any management or sales skills. Very dumb on his part driving the stock price down today and he will buy more shares today after the bell. This guy has to go, I have sold half of my shares and will soon sell the other half. I just do not see changes in the future and he will continue to kick the can down the road. Hi is full of excuses, what a joke !
  • Maybe Jeffy will choke on his lobster this weekend. You never know, can only hope.