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Intel Corporation (INTC)

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35.86+0.09 (+0.25%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT

36.00 0.14 (0.39%)
Pre-Market: 5:30AM EDT

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  • Break $36, push all in for $64.

    Double bottom.. (tested 35 twice)
  • INTC is a conviction buy.. it is less than half of MSFT's PE..
  • CSCO tanking ah !
    Cisco Systems, Inc. (CSCO)
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    33.82-0.48 (-1.40%)
    At close: 4:00PM EDT
    31.90 -1.92 (-5.68%)
    After hours: 4:09PM EDT
  • The pressure on INTC is upwards, imho, Bernstein or no Bernstein. FMV of Intel is in the 40's.
  • Will drop to the 20's.
  • So Sicko sale down 6%..

    INTC sales up.. INTC going higher.
  • Posted in Conversación de $INTC
    Look AMD
  • Zack upgraded Intel because of positive earning revisions. Applied Material came with great guidance for the future, chips are on fire. NVDA will be the biggest beneficiary, but INTC will benefit too. Once Mobile Eye news start to come out, growth investors will hop in. Almost sure of it.
  • to greco, juhnny, lucy hope your stupid POS adoubles is finished. I suspect so. You were an old loser back in the day. I remember the day you discovered faking ID's to appear as another person. It was toooooo funnnny. Then you went completely crazy with the ID thing and started multiple ID's. Hundreds or even thousands. Id's that are there to support you stupid adoubles because you were weak. You know who you are and I for one hope your dumb adoubles rotts.
  • All the bought analyst reports won't help Intel when AMD releases Naples server CPUs. Higher throughput for half the price. Intel is doomed. Slash prices 50% to stay in the market? Or lose 90% of sales?
    Wow, how the tables have flipped...
  • No Brad, the ONLY reason why INTC still trades with a 30+ handle is b/c of manipulation keeping it up here. Death cross formed and I tried to warn you 2 months ago that this POS is headed into the 20's, and should probably bottom out around 15-18, but they will continue to try to bleed these 25 cent increments for days at a time to suck all of you permabulls into an insolvent and inescapable top, at which time when you all throw in the towel we will finally accelerate to my initial bottom of 28-30, where there will be an outstanding buying opportunity for yet another swing failure, which I will short again.
  • Applied Materials went red seconds ago now up .19 cents !
    Saleforce (CRM) went red !
    Microsoft is almost red only up 4 cents !
    Gap is red !
    Footlocker is tanking !
    Intel is on deck !
  • Intel will go below $30 soon.
    Naples is a ticking time bomb.
  • Intel inside self driving cars will be safer than human driver, and are coming soon.

    Why Intel is taking self-driving cars out for a spin
    Kathy Winter is going to spend a lot of time in the garage. But she's not a mechanic. Winter is the vice president and general manager of automated driving solutions at Intel. She helped dedicated the new Intel Advanced Vehicle Lab in San Jose, Calif
  • Nvidea reports $1.94 Billion in revenue. WOWWWWW!
    And beat revenue estimates by a whopping $30 million. WOWWWWW!
    Never mind that Intel in the same 3 month period came in
    with operating income that was more than double Nvidea's total revenues.
    So Nvidea owns the AI industry? We will see about that.
    I for one am not willing to make a 50 times price to earnings bet that Nvidea
    will keep Intel in its place.
    Just like when some negative analysts (especially bernstein) suggested Apple's
    iPad will cannibalize the PC, Intel's 2 in 1 answer seemed to have cannibalized
    the iPad since iPad's peak sales back in 2014. I will be patient enough to wait
    for Intel to prove its case over the next few years.
  • Where's that #$%$ Jeff that sold all his NVIDIA to buy this turd?
  • next stop 38.
  • ORCL has three years of sale and net profit declines...

    I think INTC is cheaper..
  • Intel is toast as far as acquiring new data center AI business for a LONG time. Nvidia will rule this fastest growing segment. Whoops - Did I forget to mention that Nvidia will bury them in autonomous driving systems also? Why do you think they just fired their Data Center Chief. BWAAAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHA!


    Nvidia's latest chips and hardware are fresh signs of tech's AI obsession
    Graphics processors based on Nvidia's newest architecture will be available to AI developers before they're available to gamers. And the company is willing to compete with customers along the way.
  • sentiment in this conversation area seems to be that Intc is running down and out. Is there anyone in here who sees it differently?