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Comstock Mining Inc. (LODE)

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  • So in the conference call CDG said he was going to try to be more informative. This article is I hope not all that means. How about news regarding the new leaching. Or similar detail that the owners would like to hear like content if a mining conference instead of the attendance announcement. It seems he sits in his office waiting for calls about the land sales. Pretty good salary to be in a holding pattern for 2 years.
  • CMI would sell out for real estate development.
    Would make great property for a few cat houses.
    Cat house owner on BOD last I saw.
    Could happen SOON so free up some cash and BUY BUY BUY!
    Then make sure to get your certs---you don't want to make any mistakes with this baby!
  • looks like the shorts are starting to cover.
  • The company is well funded by GF Capital and are about to announce a joint venture with a larger mining company. Only fools are selling now.
  • When they announce a joint venture soon, this stock is going to skyrocket!
  • looks like we have found the bottom. 1 year chart shows almost a flat line @.18 for 3 weeks. lode hardly ever has a flat line history. only up from here??? looks like a good level to load up.
  • Disastrous 10Q! No mining revenue whatsoever. Only $388,000 cash left. Only revenue is what they borrowed...$2.1 million.
    Accumulated deficit of $215 million, which means they've gone through that much money with not a penny of profit for investors/shareholders over the years. If they don't sell the land they've been pushing in their PRs, this baby is DOA.
  • Comstock Mining Progresses Strategic Activities

    Full PR: http://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2017/05/12/984221/0/en/Comstock-Mining-Progresses-Strategic-Activities.html

    The relevent part of the PR:

    "The Company recently extracted additional mineralized samples from the Dayton Resource Area, for the purpose of assessing optimum metallurgical feasibility for the Dayton mineralized material. The samples were crushed, agglomerated and loaded into four ten-foot columns for leach pad simulation. These simulations are located on-site, in the Company’s metallurgical labs, and funded by U.S. National Science Foundation research grants through Cycladex Inc., a strategic investee and partner. This simulation is focused on comparing cyanide-based leaching alongside “Cycladex Lixiviant” based leaching so we can provide a preliminary assessment for determining the fastest, most efficient and economically feasible process solution.

    Mr. De Gasperis noted, “We completed a scoping column test in the first quarter and have now established four, full metallurgical column tests, two cyanide and two non-cyanide, running parallel, that support and advances the feasibility study for establishing proven and probable reserves at the Dayton Mine. Preliminary results from these columns would be available mid-July.”

    The Company also advanced three out of four strategic venture discussions this week and anticipates that at least one transaction will occur during the second quarter."

    Comstock Mining Progresses Strategic Activities
  • SEC filings show Fidelity added over 300,000 shares last quarter. Good sign!
  • Holding steady! :)
  • This CO. Was a scam from the beginning!
  • Give Corrado hell tomorrow at the conference call ! He's done a horrible job at marketing the company and the value of PM's on their properties.
  • Time to be sniffin' some LOIDY-TOIDY man! I heard their certs SMELL LIKE FISH!
    Lottery question---who can come the closest?!!
    On what day will LODE once again return to .0066?
    Remember, you can't win if you don't PLAY!
  • If LODE's properties are worth economically developing, wouldn't a mining company that actually mines in Nevada, recognize that & seek acquisition?
    In a utopian world LODE responsibly mines while supporting local causes, and profits rise as the stockholders watch the share price skyrocket.
    In the real world, the company stops all mining activity, sells it's mining equipment & trims employment to less than a dozen people. Is the "plan" to be a real estate developer? Is it to amass a portfolio of "promising" mineral properties, then??
    As the company reduces debt, lets say to zero. Now what? Before there was a company, there was no debt. So lots of investors have lost real money to what end?
    At the Annual meeting there should be a CLEAR plan for the future, no fluff, no puff.
    Just some thoughts..... though getting over a quarter $Mil. and being on the Comstock doesn't sound like too bad a gig. Anyone for the CEO position...?
  • Shaking out all the mom and pop retail investors so the big investment firms can buy up the shares cheap. That's what's happening here.
    Really been missing it.
  • Be sure to call in next week and give Corrado hell for not promoting this company and doing horrible job at PR !!
  • The great LODE plunge. Slingshot effect, Sicky-sixes (.0066) on the way. Whatever.
  • Comstock Mining Announces Notice of First Quarter 2017 Results and Business Update Conference Call