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WebMD Health Corp. (WBMD)

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  • Health Services adds meQuilibrium
    Very good move, even if it doesn't pay at once.
    In any case, it's good to see that they are doing something.
  • "We believe that our population health management platform and related services present an important opportunity today and longer term, which is why we are making investments to modernize and scale our underlying technology platform and user experience. By doing so, our products and services as well as those we integrate from third parties, will offer users a more personalized and engaging experience. These investments are part of a multiyear project that will ensure we retain our market leadership for many years to come.

    Peter Stabler, Wells Fargo Securities, LLC, Research Division - Director and Senior Analyst [23]
    Steven, I'm wondering if you could provide us a little more color in your prepared remarks, you were talking about the refurb of Symptom Checker and the impending roll out. And you mentioned that you thought it could activate a gateway to appointment scheduling and lab servicing and that kind of thing. Can you give us a little bit more detail on how that works? So has this become a bit of a closed electronic channel, requiring kind of sales force going out there and signing up partners? And then how do you market that to consumers? And just wondering if you could talk a little bit about that opportunity and is there a monetization path there as well?
    Steven L. Zatz, WebMD Health Corp. - CEO and Director [24]
    Sure, I'd be happy to. I mean, if you start at a high level, typically, consumers had come into WebMD, got a lot of information about their condition, were trying to make a decision as to what to do next and then literally had to leave WebMD to take that next step. And so what we're really looking to do is go from this providing of information to enabling those consumers and those patients to take action. We've mentioned that in the context of the Symptom Checker because a lot of people come into our site who are looking to take a health care action. They start at the Symptom Checker. They're not quite sure what they have, they're not quite sure what to do next. And so we think there's an opportunity as a part of that experience, as well as other experiences you would have on the site, to present those consumers with the sort of alternative they're looking for. They may be looking for direct-to-consumer lab testing. They may be looking then, after they've learned about their condition, to immediately engage in a telemedicine visit or they may want to make an online appointment for a visit with a physician sometime later. And again, historically, we haven't provided those services, but we see the ability given the number of consumers who come to us trying to take this first step in terms of understanding their condition that we can assist them then, in taking the next step. And look, the way that would be marketed and advertised is using the capabilities of the site. That they're on our site, they're looking to take an action, and we believe we can provide them with the links and the connection to many of the actions that they're looking to take. We're early in that process but we see the enhanced Symptom Checker is kind of a centerpiece for how we can start to provide that kind of service.
    Peter Stabler, Wells Fargo Securities, LLC, Research Division - Director and Senior Analyst [25]
    That's helpful. And if I could just one more quick question. Would this mean going out and kind of establishing partnerships with labs and third-party providers and health care pros, et cetera?
    Steven L. Zatz, WebMD Health Corp. - CEO and Director [26]
    Yes, the general approach would be through partnerships with appropriate providers in kind of the various areas that I discussed."
    This is a very important step into the right direction - away from advertising!
    Finally they are going to make some money from all those potential customers.
  • Did they say anything on the call about the supposed sale of the company, strategic alternatives, etc? Pretty good that they through that out last quarter which cushioned what should have been a 10-20% drop. Now they have Y/Y declines in almost all major categories and the stock still doesn't go down. AND they bought back NO stock during the quarter. All very interesting.....
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  • “Traffic to the WebMD Health Network during the fourth quarter of 2016 averaged 179.5 million unique users per month, generating 3.63 billion page views for the quarter, representing decreases of 11% and 9% in users and page views, respectively, when compared to the prior year period.”
    Even with the decline, that's still a lot of potential clients. Now all Marty has to do is find something to sell to them, something that is profitable both for the public in general and for the company.
  • Imagevismaviedevie
    Regardless of the Governments attempt to push down drug prices, Big Pharma will not cut spending on the Medscape platform as they need to inform / educate the Physician community of all their new and existing medications for the plethora of chronic diseases which doctors need to treat. They can, however, reduce spending on the WebMD consumer website, as these drugs are not OTC and must be prescribed by a physician. I still believe Medscape is destined to be separated from WebMD.com, and my instincts are supported by the fact that WebMD Mgmt. recently began providing us with the % of Advertising / Sponsorship revenue contributed by Medscape, currently at 60%. Why would they do this if it were not part of a greater plan? For years, they never provided this revenue breakdown between the 2 platforms.
    If the current WebMD entity is to be restructured to facilitate the future sale of any given division without disruption to other division / divisions, or in other words, a seamless separation, what may we expect? Could Walgreens Boots have interest in purchasing the WebMD Public Portal and merge it with their own Worldwide Consumer Portal some time next year after the merger with Rite-Aid is finally closed. Might there be interest in the Health Services Division of WebMD as well. I am still of the belief that the equity in the WebMD Brand may bring a premium leaving Marty with Medscape and a large cash hoard.
    This may all be clarified at, or before, the June 1st, 2017 Annual Shareholders meeting.
    He is very high on Medscape / WebMD, regardless of the results of their pursuit of "Strategic Alternatives."
    The 1st Quarter 2017 Conference Call is "tentatively scheduled" to be held on May 4, 2017 while the 2017 Annual Shareholder Meeting has definitely been scheduled for June 1, 2017. It will be interesting to see if WebMD Mgmt. moves the Earnings Conference Call later in May, and closer to the Annual Shareholder Meeting. It would just appear to me that if no announcement is made at the Earnings Call regarding Strategic Alternatives / Restructuring it would be better to leave little time for "street speculation" regarding the Company's next move between the two meetings. WebMD generally announces the date of the next Earnings Call 4 weeks before the scheduled date. If Thursday, May 4, 2017 is going to be the date, then today, Thursday, April 5, 2017 should be the published announcement from the Company. As of this writing, 4:27PM, there has been no press release on the 1st quarter Earnings Call.
  • “NEW YORK, Feb. 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- WebMD Health Corp. (NASDAQ: WBMD), the leading source of health information, today announced that its Board of Directors, working together with its management team and legal and financial advisors, has commenced a process to explore and evaluate potential strategic alternatives focused on maximizing shareholder value. These alternatives could include, among other things, the sale of part or all of the company, a merger with another party or other strategic transaction or continuing to execute on WebMD's business plan.”
    That leaves them a lot of leeway!
    The obvious solution would be to go public with Medscape whilst keeping a participation and use the obtained funds for a big purchase in the Health Service Sector. It would increase revenues and help them to turn WebMD into what it was supposed to be:
    An efficient Health Service Company that reduces health care costs for the whole population.
  • PROSPECTUS: ISSUED SEPTEMBER 28, 2005 : WebMD Health Corp. 6,900,000 Shares: Class A Common Stock.

    The above may shed some light on what may be coming relative to an IPO for the Medscape Division of WebMD.
    Back in September of 2005 the WebMD Corporation released its prospectus announcing the IPO of WebMD Health Corp. They also changed their Corporate name from the WebMD Corporation to Emdeon Corporation. If Marty Wygod follows the above blueprint, it is conceivable that this may explain the "Early" announcement of the June 1, 2017 Annual Shareholders Meeting. Remember that Marty later sold Envoy, the Claims Processing division of Emdeon, to a private equity firm for $1.1 billion after the IPO of WebMD Health Corp.
    My gut tells me that history may be about to repeat itself!!
  • The second step is listening. http://dataunion.tistory.com/3633

    WebMD Health Corp. NASDAQ : WBMD Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks May-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 2,830 NASDAQ Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is 0.8 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stock
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  • I 'm beginning to think you are right ,Steve...nobody wants the company .the " For Sale" news was just a ruse to keep it pumped up while the big boys flee.....we might be screwed !
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  • Is WBMD undervalued? Certainly looks that way given the EPS growth % next Y of 2.29%. This sort of setup means potential upside... Ive been struggling with this stock lately. Some of my other trades have been from awe-someSTOCKS which are working out pretty well.