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    How Social Security benefits are calculated

    How does the government calculate Social Security? Yahoo Finance's Mandi Woodruff has the answer:

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    Customers warned on bank heist

    Security firm warns bank customers to watch accounts after massive global bank heist

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  • Yahoo Finance playoffs: The retirement rumble

    As Super Bowl fever spreads, we here at Yahoo Finance wanted to put together our own roster of pro retirement tips to help you score big in 2015.

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  • Would You Trust Your Retirement to a Machine?

    New websites called robo-advisers are promising smarter investment advice at a much lower cost. But are you really ready to give up the human touch?

  • What are the Roth IRA rules?

    TaxesInvestment Taxes What Are The Roth IRA Rules? It doesn't matter whether your contribution is to a traditional IRA or a Roth IRA. The IRS, however, has specific rules on just who can have a Roth IRA and how much money can be contributed each year. The first Roth IRA eligibility…
  • CFPB Warning: Pension Advances Could Wipe Out Retirement

    Pension advances can seem like a sweet deal if you’re in a financial bind and need some quick cash to make ends meet. According to a warning from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, pension advances can take a significant bite out of your retirement income when you have to pay back the…

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  • 9 Worst Social Security Mistakes You Can Make

    Social Security benefits are the bedrock of many Americans' retirement income plans, and you can boost your financial security in retirement by maximizing that inflation-adjusted lifetime income stream. Many people think of retirement age as 65. For those born between 1943 and 1954, full…

  • How to Pick a Reverse Mortgage That's Right for Your Retirement

    Retirees seeking a steady stream of income should consider immediate annuities once interest rates normalize, said Harold Evensky, president of Evensky & Katz.
  • Advisors: Have Clients Try on Retirement for Size

    Retirement planning in today’s world involves a lot more than just money.

  • 7 habits of highly effective retirement savers

    A new survey examines what people who are most prepared to retire do differently than the rest of us.

  • The ABCs of Selecting a Medicare Supplement Plan

    Just like practically every other health insurance plan known to man, Medicare comes with deductibles and co-pays. You can fill these holes by purchasing a Medicare supplement plan, also known as a Medigap plan. One of the best things about Medicare supplement plans is that they are all standard,…

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  • Outrageous public pensions could bankrupt these states

    Some of the worst public-sector pension problems in America are playing out in states and cities where legislation or local court rulings have granted extraordinary protections to workers’ retirement benefits—far beyond those enjoyed by private-sector employees. Illinois officials, for instance,…

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  • Medicare’s Budget Busting $4.5 Billion for Hep-C Drugs

    First it was the Department of Veterans Affairs nervously complaining about the fast-mounting cost of providing a new specialty drug to treat patients with the deadly Hepatitis-C virus, and then some Medicaid officials across the country began rationing the pricey wonder drug to keep from busting…

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  • Retirement: Minimize taxes to maximize savings

    Don't let the tax man take a big bite out of your investments.

  • Russia Seen Extending Pension Freeze Over $52 Billion Grab

    The cabinet will opt to divert savings from future retirement plans to meet pension obligations in 2016, similar to the measures used to pay current retirees since last year, according to 17 of 23 economists surveyed by Bloomberg. Four analysts said the government will restore the flow of cash to…

  • Where Retirees Want to Live Now

    According to a recent study sponsored by Merrill Lynch, by age 61, most people finally feel free to live where they want to live, rather than live where they have to live because they need to commute to work or have family obligations. According to a U.S. Census Bureau update released last week,…

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  • Why Some Seniors Are Upsizing in Retirement

    When it comes to logical things to do in retirement, downsizing seems like it should top the list. In fact, a 2014 Merrill Lynch survey of 3,638 adults, including 2,192 baby boomers, found that half of pre-retirees who expect to downsize in retirement don't do so. "Retirement isn't all about…

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  • Four Ways to De-Bug Your 401(k)

    You can fix your 401(k) by looking for four "bugs."