• Retirement Strategy: Doing Nothing Is A Strategy For Dividend Income Investors

    The recently developed "Buy The Dips Portfolio", or BTDP was geared for the active portfolio manager who clearly wants to be the captain of its own ship. One of the major issues that active managers ...

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  • Why $1M may not fill your retirement nest egg

    Saved a cool million for your retirement? That might be enough. But some may be danger of running out of money.

  • 10 Best Midsized SUVs for 2014

    Midsized SUVs come in many shapes and sizes. There's 2-row and 3-row seating, 4-wheel drive and more! We've found this year's best options for you!

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  • Fixed Income Still A Solid Retirement Investment

    Five years after the Great Recession, investors approaching retirement face decisions that have never seemed tougher on how to allocate their portfolios. With interest rates hovering near zero for years, ...

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  • Unplanned Early Retirement, Part 1 - Strategy, Stability, And Moving Forward

    This is the first of several articles I plan to write to show you exactly what I am doing to cope with an unexpected job loss after middle age, but before retirement age. Today's article is somewhat introductory. ...

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  • UnitedHealth Earnings Fall 5% On ObamaCare, Medicare Cuts

    UnitedHealth Group, the nation's largest health insurer, reported a first-quarter earnings decline Thursday, blaming ObamaCare taxes, Medicare Advantage cuts and Gilead Sciences' costly hepatitis C drug. ...

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  • Saving for retirement could cost you $400k

    For the typical American worker, 401(k) fees paid over a lifetime can easily reach six figures.

  • How to Rein in Medicare's Runaway Costs

    Give doctors and patients financial incentives to use cheaper drugs

  • Determine Your Hierarchy Of Needs For Retirement

    'The New Retirementality' author shows you how to meet your money goals.

  • Mott's® Gluten-Free Fruit Flavored Snacks

    No Artifical Flavors. All Goodness. Mott's® Fruit Flavored Snacks Are 100% Gluten-Free. Try Them In 3 Different Flavors!

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  • Obamacare and Medicare Reimbursement Cuts Weigh on UnitedHealth Group in Q1

    Lower Medicare reimbursements and the implementation of the ACA lower UnitedHealth Group's EPS by nearly $0.35 in a challenging first quarter.

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  • Good News for Paul Ryan's Medicare Plan

    It didn't attract much attention, but the Congressional Budget Office has changed the way it looks at the Republican plan for Medicare -- and its new look at the issue is good news for the plan's chief sponsor, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan. Ryan's plan has gone through several…

  • Kazakhs to Cut Out Middlemen as Pension Overhaul Ends ‘Rat Race’

    Kazakhstan’s central bank said it needs no intermediaries in managing 3.9 trillion tenge ($21 billion) of retirement savings after assets were transferred into a single state-run pension fund. The central bank plans to invest 85 percent of its free cash into government debt and securities issued by…

  • 5 Ways to Run Out of Money in Retirement

    Retirement is a balancing act. So what throws people off balance in retirement? If you approach retirement income this way, you can get yourself in trouble. Your retirement income gas gauge isn't only there to tell you when to slow down -- it can also tell you when there is room to step on the…

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  • Suspended South Africa Pension Fund Head Disputes PwC Report

    John Oliphant, suspended as head of South Africa’s 1.2 trillion-rand ($114 billion) Government Employees Pension Fund over the award of an advertising contract, disputed the findings of an auditor’s report that he acted irregularly. Oliphant, who was suspended as principal executive officer in…

  • Wrong Question Brings Lower Social Security Payout

    Starting Social Security payments early makes sense for only two groups, including those expecting to die young. But not many people do the logical thing.

  • Why Your Vacation Home May Not Be Your Retirement Home

    It's called retirement, and if you buy a house right here, right now, this charmed moment will last forever. Not quite, seasoned real estate agents say. Take off the vacation goggles before you start seriously pursuing a home purchase in a locale you love to visit, advises Sheelah Clarkson, a…

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  • 7 Ways to Minimize Income Tax in Retirement

    Another tax day is over. Hopefully everyone filed their taxes on time and sent in what they owe to the Internal Revenue Service. Taxes are a fact of life when you have a full-time job, but your tax liability ...

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  • Your Retirement Exit Strategy is Just as Important as Your Savings Plan

    Boomers who have a capital preservation on the top of their minds when making investing moves can shield their portfolios from major market downswings.

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  • UnitedHealth First-Quarter Profit Falls on Medicare Payment Cuts

    UnitedHealth Group Inc., (UNH) the biggest U.S. health insurer, said first-quarter profit fell 7.8 percent, hurt by cuts to its Medicare Advantage program for elderly and disabled Americans. UnitedHealth has derived growth from Medicare, the U.S.- funded program for the elderly, and has the…

  • Can Dad's new wife steal his Social Security?

    We learned that she went to Social Security to collect his benefits. Can Dad's new wife steal his Social Security? Social Security has a "Representative Payment Program" that provides financial management for people who aren't capable of managing their own benefits. If you suspect your…

  • 10 worst states for retirement security

    If you think you’re financially ready for retirement, where you live can make a difference, according to a recent report that finds that nearly every state falls short in key areas that measure retirement ...