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    Tax fraud and identity theft: How to protect yourself

    6 ways to protect your identity from fraud during tax season.

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    Tax fraud and identity theft: How to protect yourself

    Here are 6 tips to protect yourself from identity theft during tax season.

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  • The downside of striking it rich

    Many people think winning the lottery or getting a hefty inheritance means all their problems will disappear. But sometimes when that daydream turns into a reality, it can actually become a nightmare.

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  • Here's what it's like to get audited

    It’s every taxpayer’s worst nightmare – an audit. Sure, big corporations and billionaires with off-shore bank accounts can expect some extra attention from the IRS. But what about personal finance bloggers who spend their days dishing advice on sound financial decisions – there’s no way they could…

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  • Hello? 8M phone calls unanswered as IRS cut taxpayer service

    The IRS' overloaded phone system hung up on more than 8 million taxpayers this filing season as the agency cut millions of dollars from taxpayer services to help pay to enforce President Barack Obama's ...

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  • Study finds illegal immigrants pay $11.8B in taxes

    A new nationwide study on the fiscal implications of illegal immigration concludes that millions of undocumented immigrants are paying billions of dollar in taxes into state and local coffers, and that substantially more would be generated if President Obama prevails in imposing a new executive…

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  • 5 things to know about Tax Day: For most, it's not that bad

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Wednesday is the deadline for filing income tax returns, a day long associated with the dread of rushing to fill out complicated forms and, perhaps, making a payment to Uncle Sam.

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  • Your tax bill isn’t as bad as you think

    The tax burden in the United States is reasonable compared with other countries.

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  • If you made a mistake on your taxes

    It’s a common occurrence during tax-filing season to discover that you botched a previously filed return.

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  • Time's up! It's tax deadline day

    Taxes Tax Filing Time's Up! It's Tax Deadline Day You've put off filing for 3 1/2 months, but any more procrastination could cost you. So don't just sit there. Actually, do sit there just a bit longer. ...
  • Corporate tax havens stiff taxpayers by $110B a year

    On the eve of Tax Day, a prominent consumer advocacy group on Tuesday provided a vivid reminder of how some of the largest Fortune 500 companies avoid paying billions of dollars in U.S. taxes on profits parked overseas. Last year alone, the U.S. Treasury and state governments lost roughly $110…

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  • FACT CHECK: Estate tax hits fewer than 1 percent of estates

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The federal estate tax inspires a lot of heated political rhetoric for a tax that very few people actually pay.

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  • 10 ways to waste your tax refund

    The smarter way to spend your tax refund: Before you take on more debt, pay off the debt you already have. The smarter way to spend your tax refund: Rather than head to the mall with your refund, go to the bank to open an interest-bearing savings account to start an emergency fund--or build upon…

  • Ten percent of S&P 500 companies avoid paying U.S. taxes

    Fueled by a wave of inversions, a record 54 companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index of leading U.S. firms are now at least partially exempt from the corporate income tax. The biggest factor is the recent wave of companies, such as Medtronic Plc and Mylan NV, that have completed what’s known…

  • Tax bill too big? IRS offers payment options

    If this year's tax-filing deadline will be a "pay" day for you and you don't have the cash, the IRS gives you several payment options. First, even if you can't pay your tax bill, go ahead and file your return on time. Some taxpayers find the easiest way to pay, either part of what they owe or…
  • The Other Reason Tax Prep Should Make You Nervous

    Few things make me feel less secure about my money than tax time. Not because the Feds taking some of it. No, it’s because tax prep reminds me of how weak security can be at many of the financial sites tax-prep services need to talk to. But as with a lot of security issues, this situation is more…

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  • When tax credits are about more than money

    The people waiting here at the Roxbury Center for Financial Empowerment will find out, with the help of a cast of volunteer tax preparers, whether they qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit, a program that makes available $55 billion annually to the working poor. I want to take a trip, sooner…

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