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    Tax fraud and identity theft: How to protect yourself

    6 ways to protect your identity from fraud during tax season.

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    Tax fraud and identity theft: How to protect yourself

    Here are 6 tips to protect yourself from identity theft during tax season.

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  • The downside of striking it rich

    Many people think winning the lottery or getting a hefty inheritance means all their problems will disappear. But sometimes when that daydream turns into a reality, it can actually become a nightmare.

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  • Here's what it's like to get audited

    It’s every taxpayer’s worst nightmare – an audit. Sure, big corporations and billionaires with off-shore bank accounts can expect some extra attention from the IRS. But what about personal finance bloggers who spend their days dishing advice on sound financial decisions – there’s no way they could…

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  • Tax-Loss Harvesting: What the Heck Is That?

    You can reduce your tax bill by selling stocks or assets that have lost value. Here are the basics you need to know to use tax-loss harvesting wisely.
  • Congress prepares huge tax-break giveaways for 2015

    With the holiday season upon us, Congress and the White House are once again engaging in the ritual of parceling out tens of billions of dollars in tax breaks and other goodies to just about every conceivable interest group – from well-heeled corporate executives and film producers to rum makers,…

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  • Do I include income from inheritance on tax form?

    Remember, your basis is reported at the fair market value on the date of death, so this should hopefully help minimize any tax gain you might have. What is cost basis? Cost basis is the original value of an asset (generally the purchase price), plus any commission, adjusted for stock splits,…
  • Inspector General to IRS: Focus Audits on Wealthiest Americans

    The Internal Revenue Service is spending too much time and money auditing rich Americans when it should be going after the super-rich, according to a recent report from the inspector general. The inspector general is urging the IRS to re-evaluate the threshold for high income taxpayers at $200,000…

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  • Haven't Paid Your Taxes? You May Need to Cancel Your Travel Plans

    A new law expected to go into effect in January would revoke or reject passports for taxpayers with $50,000 or more in debt to the IRS.
  • Don't Miss These Middle Class Tax Breaks

    If you believe that tax breaks are for millionaires and companies with offshore subsidiaries, you're probably paying too much to the IRS. In recent years, lawmakers have enacted dozens of tax incentives targeted at middle-class families. Taking full advantage of these tax breaks is particularly…

  • When an Amended Tax Return Could Mean More Cash for You

    By Forrest Baumhover Learn more about Forrest at NerdWallet’s Ask an Advisor If you do your own taxes or work with a bad tax preparer, the IRS could come after you…

  • Surprising Things That Are Taxable

    In February 2013, a northern California couple were walking their dog on their rural property when they discovered six cans filled with 19th-century gold coins. The coins, which are being sold by Kagin's Inc. of Tiburon, Calif. (and are also available online via, may be worth up to $10…

  • Make These Moves by Year-End to Lessen Your Tax Burden

    By Craig Smalley Learn more about Craig on NerdWallet’s Ask an Advisor Each year in December, Congress meets and decides whether to extend certain tax provisions, but only for one…

  • 15 Nice-Try Tax Deductions

    Over the years, taxpayers have concocted a lot of zany arguments to justify tax deductions. The mother, who was also a paid tax preparer, included the hours her kids worked on time sheets and issued them W-2 forms.

  • Amazing Tax Deductions

    Okay, admit it: As you've struggled with your tax return, trying to come up with some extra deductions to pump up your refund or reduce what you owe, you've taken a few flights of fancy. "Can I count the wedding gift for my boss's daughter as an employee business expense?" Come on! On the other…

  • IRS urged to focus audits on wealthiest

    The Internal Revenue Service spends too much time and effort auditing people who make $200,000 to $400,000 and too little going after the very wealthiest Americans, according to an inspector general’s report. The IRS audits fewer than 1% of individual income tax returns and focuses its resources…

    The Wall Street Journal
  • IRS, Tax Partners Announce Taxpayer Tips, New Measures In The Fight Against Identity Theft

    On November 19, 2015, IRS Commissioner Koskinen and Summit participants announced a new public awareness campaign dedicated to further protecting taxpayers against identity theft. The "Taxes. Security. Together." campaign is designed to raise public awareness and complement the protections the IRS,…

  • Americans: Pay your taxes—or lose your passport

    U.S. government will be able to deny new passports or revoke ones held by people with serious tax debts.

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  • Get relief from hubby's discharged student debt?

    Is there any provision in the law about tax relief for an innocent spouse? There are provisions in the law regarding "innocent spouse relief." However, this relates to income not reported properly on a joint return, so it will not help you in your situation. The student loan forgiveness will be…