Introducing Yahoo Finance Contributors

July 23, 2014 9:02 AM


By Phil Pearlman, Interactive Editor, Yahoo Finance

Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of Yahoo Finance Contributors - a finance-focused and socially driven network where expert contributors will regularly create and share premium original content.   

We are opening up the Yahoo Finance platform to a select group of leaders of finance from money and wealth managers to strategists and analysts to successful traders, where they will publish content directly to Yahoo Finance pages from Tumblr. We are building a daily habit information and analysis destination where those who want to know what some of the smartest and most accomplished pros in the world are thinking about stocks, commodities, the economy, wealth management and more will be able to find it.

Contributors at launch include people like Carl Icahn, Jim O’Shaughnessy, Joe MansuetoJeffrey Kleintop, Josh Brown, and Linda Descano. You can find a full blogroll with links on the Yahoo Finance Contributors Tumblr here.


Powered by Tumblr, all contributors will have created their own blogs and will publish their content which is then pulled directly onto Yahoo Finance pages. This will be great for Tumblr users too who will be able to follow Yahoo Finance contributors and program content directly on their Tumblr dashboards.

Yahoo Finance is already home to some of the most trusted names in financial and business news.  We couldn’t be more excited to welcome more of the best minds in the industry to share their insights with millions of readers around the world.  Stay tuned, and check out Yahoo Finance to learn more.

We plan to slowly and carefully grow the contributor list so if you are an accomplished and seasoned financial pro who would like to be involved, please contact me directly at

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