Jim O'Shaughnessy's Awesome "What I've learned" series

August 18, 2014 6:02 PM



O’Shaughnessy Asset Management’s Jim O’Shaughnessy drops more knowledge in a week, then some people ever manage to gather in a lifetime.

Witness his recent mullti-part series running on his Tumblr over the past week titled What I’ve learned in 30 years of investing.

Here a listing of the five parts for your reading pleasure. If you’re serious about investing and building wealth wisely over years, you’ll probably want to have a good read.

Part 1: Always use time-tested strategies

Part 2: Ignore the short-term

Part 3: Dig deep

Part 4: Never us the riskiest strategies

Part 5: Insist on consistency

We’ll add to this listing if and as Jim adds to this series.

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