Welcoming David Kotok to Yahoo Finance Contributors

August 22, 2014 7:30 AM



Today, we’re so pleased to welcome David Kotok to Yahoo Finance Contributors.

David helped found Cumberland Advisors over 40 years ago and has been its chief investment officer for as long. Cumberland is one of the premier advisory firms in existence and manages over $2 billion in fixed income and equity accounts.

David earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and he currently serves as a Director and Vice Chairman of the Global Interdependence Center.

David is an ace fisherman too, throwing, perhaps, the premier anglers’ retreat annually up in Grand Lake Stream, Maine, and he’s just as adept at reeling in long term gains and netting wealth preservation by taking a no short-cuts, thorough top-down approach - deftly integrating macro themes, interest rates and the like.

David’s an outspoken razor sharp guy and the analysis Cumberland produces is top notch and thought provoking. He will, fortunately for our readers, be sharing his research with us regularly in this space.

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