Amazon News Byte: E-Book Ruling Gives Amazon an Advantage

Wochit 1:08 mins

A federal judge's antitrust finding against Apple over e-book prices underscores how much the book industry has changed and bolsters the advantage held by the online retailer. Apple is said to have illegally conspired with five of the six biggest publishers to try to raise prices in the budding e-books market. Apple and Amazon have agreed to end their trademark dispute over the right to use the term "app store."?U.S. District Judge Phyllis Hamilton ordered that the entire case be dismissed at the request of both companies. According to the blog Boy Genius Report, Amazon plans to update its fleet of Kindle tablets by launching at least three new models this year. The most signifcant change would be an upgrade in resolution but the new tablets would also go through a few small design changes, such as a repositioning of the power and volume buttons. New units are also expected to be lighter than their current counterparts.

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