America Breaking News: Social Media Infiltrates Zimmerman Trial

Trayvon Martin's fatal shooting garnered worldwide attention when the man who fatally shot him wasn't arrested for weeks ? a backlash fueled largely by social media. Now, social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook have permeated George Zimmerman's trial both inside and outside the courtroom. A witness who testified via Skype was inundated with calls from other users on the Internet-based phone service, and a defense attorney was tripped up by a photo his daughter posted on Instagram. Top current and former diplomats for the United States and Egypt resisted Sunday characterizations that the ousting of democratically elected former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi was a military coup, which would violate U.S. foreign policy to provide further financial assistance to the fledgling government. After nearly 11 hours in the air, the passengers and crew aboard a jumbo jetliner traveling from Seoul to San Francisco were looking forward to landing as Asiana Airlines Flight 214 approached the airport from over San Francisco Bay. What they got instead, was terror. The Boeing 777 slammed into the runway, breaking off its tail and catching fire before slumping to a stop
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