Apple News Byte: Apple's Patent Win Over Mirror Worlds Stays Intact

Wochit 1:14 mins

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear Mirror Worlds' appeal of an Apple victory in a patent case, putting to rest the long-running dispute. Mirror Worlds accused Apple of infringing on its patents with its Mac OS X operating systems, as well as in its iOS devices including the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Although it's been receiving a lot of mixed reaction from blogs, critics and the Twitterverse, according to a recent poll, users prefer iOS 7 versions of system icons almost two to one vs. the existing versions, with over 46,401 people total chiming in on the subject. Apple has a new selling point for i-O-S: Android?s fragmentation. Some 93 percent of iOS users run iOS 6, says Apple while Android users are scattered across many different operating systems. For developers, the message is clear: Build your apps for iOS, or develop for Android, and be required to address at least three different APIs to reach the majority of its users.

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