Apple News Byte: Samsung Scores Another Win Versus Apple, This Time in Japan

Score one for Samsung in the company's long-running patent battle with Apple. According to a report from Bloomberg, a Japanese high court upheld a lower court ruling that Samsung didn't infringe on an Apple patent related to synchronizing music and video on Galaxy smartphones and tablets with servers. Following that ruling, Apple filed paperwork in October to appeal the decision. Samsung is reportedly in early talks with antitrust regulators in the European Union to settle a case that charges the company with attempting to bar Apple from using a standards essential patent in its mobile devices.? Apple has released a new beta of its iOS 7 software for developers today, and the big news is that the iPad version has arrived. Back when Apple announced iOS 7, it said the tablet version would follow the iPhone version a few weeks later, and they've stayed good to that promise. The iPad version support is available from the developer channel for those registered as iOS devs.
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