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Asiana Airlines Breaking News: Pilots Relied on Autopilot Before San Francisco Crash

Wochit 1:05 mins

The pilots of Asiana Flight 214 that crashed at San Francisco airport have told investigators they were relying on automated cockpit equipment to control their speed, turning a focus of the accident investigation toward whether a mistake was made setting the autothrottle or if it malfunctioned. The Cabin manager of Asiana Flight 214 Lee Yoon-hye has described some of the scenes from when the plane crash landed. She said One flight attendant put a scared elementary schoolboy on her back and slid down a slide, while a pilot helped another injured flight attendant off the plane after the passengers escaped. Lee herself worked to put out fires and usher passengers to safety despite a broken tailbone. Two passengers were killed when, a Boeing 777 flying from South Korea on Asiana Airlines, came in at an awkward angle, clipped its tail, careened from the edge of San Francisco Bay down the runway and caught fire.

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