Asiana Airlines Breaking News: Third Person Dies in Asiana Air Crash: San Francisco Hospital

Wochit 1:31 mins

A girl died in a local hospital, becoming the third fatality in the crash of an Asiana Airlines jet at San Francisco airport. According to a statement from two doctors at San Francisco General Hospital, the child had been in critical condition. They gave no further details. The crash landing of the Boeing also killed two Chinese teenage girls and injured more than 180 other people. The pilot in the Asiana Airlines crash complaining of being temporarily blinded by a bright flash in the cockpit has revived concerns about the risks from people pointing lasers at aircraft. Whether at fault in the crash Saturday in San Francisco, lasers have been a persistent, growing concern for pilots, airlines and federal regulators. While they look relatively harmless, lasers pointed at a cockpit can temporarily blind pilots and distract them while they are taking off or landing a plane. Investigators are examining the cockpit interaction of two Asiana Airlines pilots who had taken on new roles before the crash of Flight 214 ? one of whom had seldom flown a Boeing 777 and an instructor who was on his first training flight. While the two men had years of aviation experience, this mission involved unfamiliar duties, and it was the first time they had flown together.

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