Barack Obama Breaking News: 'Red 2' Ad Plays Up NSA Scandal

Summit Entertainment is taking advantage of the interest in the recent NSA surveillance scandal creating a TV spot for the movie Red 2. The ad including footage from President Obama's press conference on the issue. Red 2 is the sequel to the 2010 blockbuster Red, starring Bruce Willis. President Barack Obama rewarded two major donors to his re-election campaign with plum diplomatic assignments in Britain and Italy. Obama announced plans to send Kentucky businessman Matthew Barzun to London as the U.S. ambassador to Britain and Washington lawyer John Phillips as the U.S. ambassador to Italy. Both nominations require Senate confirmation. Citing the power of artists and academics to open minds, President Barack Obama awarded 24 medals to people including "Star Wars" creator George Lucas and writer Joan Didion who he said touched his life and the lives of Americans.
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