Breaking News Headlines: Egypt Deploys Troops Near Protests, Facilities

Wochit 1:10 mins

Army troops backed by armor and including commandos have deployed across much of the Egyptian capital, surrounding protests by the president's supporters, and at key facilities and major intersections. French President Francois Hollande said talks to set up a free trade agreement between Europe and the United States could begin as long as efforts to clarify U.S. surveillance tactics start in parallel. "The French position is that we cannot start trade negotiations if we don't have at the same time and date a discussion ... with the U.S. to investigate the activities of the U.S. intelligence services," Despite mass street demonstrations by millions of his opponents, Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, the country's first freely elected leader, has vowed he will not leave office. The military has tightened its control of key institutions, putting officers in the newsroom of state TV, in preparation for an almost certain push to remove Morsi with the expiration of the deadline.

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