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Breaking News Headlines: Israeli and Palestinian Talks to Start in Washington

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The Israeli and Palestinian delegates sitting down for preliminary peace talks in Washington are veterans of on-and-off negotiations that began more than two decades ago. The chief Palestinian negotiator has joked that he has spent more time with an Israeli negotiator than with his own wife. Such familiarity could be seen as a blessing or a curse, assuring a smooth return to talks or blocking creativity. A federal judge said that Mr. Bernanke should have to give a deposition in a lawsuit being brought by the former chief executive of A.I.G., Maurice R. Greenberg, over the rescue of the giant insurer.Judge Thomas C. Wheeler of the United States Court of Federal Claims says that Testimony from the Fed chairman would ?unquestionably? be relevant to the case President Barack Obama welcomed Israeli-Palestinian talks starting in Washington, but cautioned that a tough path lies ahead.

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