Breaking News Headlines: Obama Rewards Two Big Donors With Plum Diplomatic Assignments

Wochit 1:18 mins

President Barack Obama rewarded two major donors to his re-election campaign with plum diplomatic assignments in Britain and Italy. Obama announced plans to send Kentucky businessman Matthew Barzun to London as the U.S. ambassador to Britain and Washington lawyer John Phillips as the U.S. ambassador to Italy. Both nominations require Senate confirmation. As House Republicans weighed their next steps on immigration Wednesday, former President George W. Bush nudged them ever so gently from the Texas sidelines to carry a "benevolent spirit" into a debate that includes a possible path to citizenship for millions living in the country illegally. The timing and substance of Bush's remarks were reminders of the imperative that many national party leaders feel that Republicans must broaden their appeal among Hispanic voters to compete successfully in future presidential elections. A blase-looking Dzhokhar Tsarnaev pleaded not guilty in the Boston Marathon bombing in a seven-minute proceeding that marked his first appearance in public since his capture in mid-April. As survivors of the bombing looked on, the 19 year-old gave a small, lopsided smile to his sisters upon arriving in the courtroom. He appeared to have a jaw injury and there was swelling around his left eye and cheek.

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