Breaking News Headlines: Safety Board Reconstructing Crew Actions Shortly Before Crash

Wochit 1:06 mins

The National Transportation Safety Board is looking at the flight crew's inputs into the autopilot and other cockpit automation systems during Asiana Flight 214's final minutes. The crew told investigators they believed the autothrottles were on, which would have relieved them of managing the plane?s speed, and left them with only its altitude and course to manage among other minor settings but experts said some of the instructions that the crew gave the autopilot may have disabled the auto-throttles. According to a Senate Democratic aide, a potential bipartisan agreement to lower student loan rates would cost the government $22 billion, a number high enough to send negotiators back to the table. A Republican proposal that would ban most abortions in Texas after 20 weeks of pregnancy has moved towards a possible final vote in the state Senate. Democrats fiercely opposed to the measure, concede they will not be able to stop it.

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