Breaking News Headlines: Senate Fails to Keep Student Loan Rates Low

Wochit 1:13 mins

An effort to restore lower interest rates on student loans has failed in the Senate. The White House and most Senate Democrats favored restoring interest rates on subsidized Stafford loans to 3.4 percent for another year. But lawmakers were unable to muster the necessary 60 votes to overcome a procedural hurdle. Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev faces arraignment in Boston on 30 federal charges, including use of a weapon of mass destruction. The Chicago Blackhawks aren't holding a grudge against Justin Bieber for trampling their beloved logo, telling TMZ Bieber didn't realize he was violating intergalactic hockey law. In case you didn't know, Bieber -- who is supposed to be Canadian -- was taking pictures of the Stanley Cup in the Blackhawks locker room when he stood squarely on the team's hallowed Native American head logo. Not only is it a HUGE Blackhawks superstition not to step on the logo, it's also an unwritten rule on any hockey team: never tread on the team logo.

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