Bruce Willis disses action movies: Explosions are most boring part of my job

Fireballs just don't do it for Bruce Willis anymore. The "Die Hard" star admitted in an interview with XLS magazine in Spain that the action movies that have made him rich and famous have also left him feeling "bored." The comments come as Willis is making the rounds in Europe to promote the pyrotechnics-laden "Red 2." Another day, another Lady Gaga announcement. Following the singer's rushed release of "Applause," the Mother Monster has debuted the lyric video for the ARTPOP single. Shot at gay nightclub Micky's in West Hollywood, clip shows Gaga playing director as she films drag queens strutting their stuff down a catwalk. After a brief heart wrenching hiatus, Tina Fey will return to the small screen with the ridiculously talented team that brought the laughs to 30 Rock. The Fire Island-based Cheers-esque comedy will revolve around a young lady as she searches to reconnect with father, make some new friends and begin to create a home for herself.
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