Business Latest News: Investors Pin Hopes on Second-half Earnings Rebound

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Business Latest News: Investors Pin Hopes on Second-half Earnings Rebound

Business Latest News: Investors Pin Hopes on Second-half Earnings Rebound
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Wall Street wavers after IBM disappoints; Apple unveils Apple Pay

Wall Street wavers after IBM disappoints; Apple unveils Apple Pay Up next

Wall Street wavers after IBM disappoints; Apple unveils Apple Pay

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Business Latest News: Investors Pin Hopes on Second-half Earnings Rebound

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For the second quarter, S&P 500 earnings are expected to grow just 2.6 percent, according to Wall Street analysts estimates compiled by Thomson Reuters. But projections for third-quarter earnings growth, on the other hand, are seen at 8.4 percent, with fourth-quarter growth seen at 12.8 percent. Microsoft Corp said it will deliver multiple devices and services as a single company, rather than a collection of separate divisions, after completing its first major overhaul in five years. Health insurer Aetna Incorporated said a planned partnership with Swiss Life Holding AG will enable Aetna to offer its international and domestic healthcare benefits to Swiss Life's multinational customers.

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