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Celeb News Pop: Jennifer Lawrence Overwhelmed by 'The Dude' at Comic-Con

Jennifer Lawrence was left seriously star struck during red carpet interviews at Comic-Con when she was given the chance to interview idol Jeff Bridges. The Oscar winner was about to leave the press area when she saw ?The Big Lebowski? actor chatting to a reporter, and excitedly ran up to him, before shying away. The heatwave may have passed Manhattan but that doesn't mean temperatures aren't still soaring. While most city dwellers continue to cling to their air conditioning units, the stars have been escaping to Long Island's finest stretch of land for some sun, sand and surf. Katy Perry, Suri Cruise and Hilary Duff have all been spotted in the Hamptons, frolicking on the beaches and mingling at exclusive events. The video for Miley Cyrus? new single ?We Can?t Stop? has been censored for U.K. TV viewers over fears it is too raunchy.
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