Company or Product News Byte: Motorola's Entire Upcoming Droid Family Pictured in New Leak

Wochit 1:07 mins

Earlier reports have suggested that Motorola is prepping three new Droid-branded smartphones that will debut on Verizon's network later this year. We have seen images of both the Droid Ultra and Droid Maxx. Now, @evleaks posted a purported press image?of the smaller Droid next to its larger counterparts. Hoping to snag a few more paying customers -- and offer an alternative to Google Maps --, Nokia is bringing its suite of mapping, turn-by-turn direction, and transit apps to all Windows Phone 8 smartphones. The app, known as Here will arrive in the Windows Phone Store by the end of the week. A new report claims that Apple may have cut its iPhone production orders by 20% for the second half of the year. Brian Blair of Wedge Partners said recently, per CNBC, that his channel checks have revealed that Apple likely cut iPhone orders to between 90 million and 100 million units, down from between 115 million and 120 million units.

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