Company Technology News Byte: Microsoft Asks Attorney General To Release Gag Order On NSA Spying

Microsoft is tired of getting pummeled in the press over reports that it hands over emails and Skype conversations to the National Security Agency. Unfortunately, the federal gag order related to the NSA is so strict that companies can't even talk about the existence of the program. Today, Microsoft begged issued a strongly worded letter to Attorney General Eric Holder to release the gag order so that that they can dispel rumors. Nokia could give its smartphones like the Lumia 1020 a Bluetooth boost, from version 3.0 of the wireless technology to Bluetooth 4.0. According to sources cited by The Verge, the Finnish phone maker is readying a software update that will sweep many of its higher-end Lumia devices, turning on Bluetooth 4.0 capability that resides within the chipset. It looks like Apple and Samsung are destined to be frenemies for life. A new report claims that Apple's switch to TSMC for its next-generation processor production is only temporary, and the company is already planning to switch back to Samsung for its mobile chipset fabrication beginning in 2015. The report comes from Korea Economic Daily. Earlier reports suggested that Apple is switching away from Samsung's chip fabrication services to TSMC beginning next year, but now it looks as though any switch Apple is planning may be short-lived.
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