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Consumer Electronics News Byte: Apple's Next IPad Mini Will Likely Have "Retina" Display From Samsung

Wochit 1:08 mins

Apple Incorporated's suppliers are gearing up for mass production of a new iPad mini in the fourth quarter that will likely feature a high-resolution screen from Samsung, people familiar with the matter say, an indication of the difficulty the U.S. company faces in its attempt to reduce its dependence on its biggest rival. Samsung is giving consumers one more reason to pick up a point-and-shoot instead of always using their smartphone's camera. U.S. users of Samsung's Wi-Fi-enabled WB250F Smart Camera will be able to add Evernote photo syncing to the camera's list of wireless capabilities. The once leading mobile phone maker in Japan, said that it would stop making smartphones. NEC has become the latest Japanese smartphone maker to fall by the wayside, underlining the failure of the country?s once-proud electronics industry to keep pace with the likes of Apple and Samsung.

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