Disaster & Accident Breaking News: Investigators Interview Asiana Airlines Pilots

Wochit 1:14 mins

NTSB aviation investigators put more questions to the pilots of Asiana Airlines Flight 214, trying to learn what was happening in the cockpit of the Boeing 777 as the plane made a dangerously low and slow approach before a crash-landing that killed two passengers. Blackened debris, twisted metal and gas leaks hampered rescue workers' search for perhaps dozens of bodies, three days after a runaway Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway oil train smashed into the small lakeside town of Lac-Megantic, Quebec. Thirteen people were confirmed dead and nearly 40 others were still missing in a catastrophe that raised questions about the safety of transporting oil by rail instead of pipeline. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer highlighted the sacrifice of 19 firefighters who died battling a wildfire, and called each one a son of the state. Brewer praised people around the country for responding as she hoped they would ? with candlelight vigils, financial contributions, prayers, and flowers and notes placed at makeshift memorials.

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