Disaster & Accident Breaking News: Spain Investigators: Train Driver Was on Phone

Wochit 1:17 mins

A Spanish court investigating the crash said in preliminary findings that Two "black box" data recorders show that a train driver was on the phone and traveling at 95 mph (153 kph), almost twice the speed limit, when the vehicle derailed, killing 79 people. Authorities say that a combination of human error and equipment failure might have caused a series of explosions that engulfed a propane plant in flames in Tavares, Florida, injuring eight people and forcing evacuations for a half-mile around the scene BP is digging in for a long legal battle over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, Chief Executive Bob Dudley said after compensation costs soared for a second straight quarter. The payouts, the scale of which BP is disputing even though they are one part of the case that was settled last year, have been the focus of attention in recent months in a wider legal process that has saddled BP with a $42.4 billion clean-up, fines and compensation burden and could yet cost billions more.

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