Egypt Breaking News: Egypt: 5 Ministers Meet to Consider Resignation

Egypt's official news agency says five cabinet ministers are meeting to consider resigning their posts and joining the mass protests calling on the Islamist president to step down. The largest protest in Egypt since Mubarak sees millions of Egyptians demonstrating against President Mohammed Morsi. A massive amount of protesters is out in Tahrir Square and into the streets to force the Islamist president from office. At least 10 anti-Morsi demonstrators have been killed in the protests, as supporters of the Islamist leader opened fire on protesters. Another giant wave of protests has once again hit Egypt as millions of Egyptians poured into Cairo's streets to oust President Mohammed Mursi. The anti- Mursi Protesters set the building of Mursi's Muslim Brotherhood on fire, surrounding it and firing shotguns and throwing rocks and petrol bombs.
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