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Egypt Breaking News: Morsi's Family Lashes Out at Egypt's Military

The family of ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi accused the country's military generals of "kidnapping" him, and said that it holds the army responsible for his "safety and security." The statement is the first from Morsi's family since the military overthrew him on July 3 and took him into custody. Morsi has been held incommunicado since then. Government officials say he is safe and is being held for his own protection. In rare remarks on Egypt's government crisis, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has suggested that the fall of the president, Mohamed Morsi, demonstrates the weaknesses of political Islamist movements. He said he thought radical Islamism was wholly unsuited to dealing with a global economic and information revolution, and "goes right back to medievalism against the whole thrust of modernity, so over time it's bound to fail". Thousands of protesters calling for the return to power of Egypt's ousted Islamist president demonstrated in Cairo as the military warned it will crack down on any violence, underlining the point with a show of force by fighter jets flying over the capital.
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