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Egyptian Revolution Breaking News: Egypt Troops Open Fire on Pro-Morsi Protesters

Wochit 1:01 mins

Egyptian troops opened fire on supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi who were marching on a headquarters of the Republican Guard, leaving at least one severely wounded, as tens of thousands chanting "down with military rule" protested around the country voting to return the Islamist leader to office. Egyptian authorities shut down four Islamist TV stations, banned the Muslim Brotherhood's newspaper and raided the office of Al-Jazeera's Egypt affiliate in crackdown on media considered sympathetic to ousted President Mohammed Morsi, bringing an outcry from rights groups. A senior U.S. administration official said that the Egyptian government?s move to arrest dozens of members of the Muslim Brotherhood, including its leader, Mohamed Badie, and his influential deputy, Khairat el-Shater, could test the cautious response from the U.S. to the ouster of Mohamed Morsi, the country?s first democratically elected president,

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