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Electronics News Byte: Nokia Admits Its New Phone is Really a Camera

Wochit 1:04 mins

All these years, Apple and Samsung have been selling us phones that really aren't phones at all. Finally, Nokia hs taken steps in a new ad campaign to admit that its new phone, the Nokia 1020 isn't a phone. It's a camera. A really, really good 41 megapixel camera, at that. In a description of the operations at Apple Supplier Pegatron, the watchdog group China Labor Watch may have inadvertently confirmed the existence of a low-priced plastic iPhone long-rumored to be in production. Page 11 reads "Its assembled products include iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, and low-priced plastic iPhones," the report said. Thanks to midrange Nokias devices, Windows Phone has now well and truly become Europe's third smartphone ecosystem -- albeit a long way behind iOS and Android.

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