Entertainment News Pop: Hulu CEO Talks New Shows, Netflix and the Big Sale That Wasn't

Over the next six months, Hulu is set to roll out a slate so dense it's dizzying. "It's a bit of a roller coaster ride, but everybody ... at both those companies is very genuine and we really want to do this," says Andy Forssell of Fox and Disney's renewed commitment to Hulu. David O. Russell paid a visit to Good Morning America to debut the first trailer for his star-studded new movie American Hustle. The film is a fictional take on the FBI's now-famous ABSCAM sting operation that ultimately brought down some of the top politicians in the Northeast. It focuses on two con artists (Christian Bale and Amy Adams) who work with an agent (Bradley Cooper) to make it all happen. Sherlock Holmes' Kelly Reilly has landed the starring role ABC's limited series The Black Box. The series will revolve around Elizabeth Black, a famed neuroscientist who seems to have it all, but struggles with mental illness -- one of many secrets she keeps from her fianc? and family.
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