Europe Breaking News: Central Banks of Europe and England Pledge to Keep Rates Low for a While

Wochit 1:17 mins

Answering critics who said they were running out of ways to promote growth and lending, the European Central Bank and the Bank of England did something neither had done before, committing themselves to keeping interest rates low indefinitely. The International Monetary Fund pressed Italy to do more about "unacceptably high" unemployment, especially among young people and women, and urged it to bring back an unpopular property tax whose return could threaten the survival of Premier Enrico Letta's coalition government. Sacrebleu! The NSA isn't the only security agency to collect data. In fact, France's PRISM-like program is going very strong with thousands of trillions of metadata elements stored in a Parisian basement, according to a report from French newspaper Le Monde. The program targets phone communications, emails and data from Internet giants, such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Yahoo! It is deemed illegal by the CNIL, the French data protection authority but it is not as clear as it seems.

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