Europe Breaking News: Euro Zone Joblessness Rises

Unemployment in the euro-zone has been increasing almost without interruption since early 2008, but many are hopeful that a peak is near.The jobless rate in the 17 countries that belong to the euro zone was 12.1 percent in May. During the three-month period ended May 2013, nearly half of all smartphones sold in Europe were produced by Samsung. Kantar Worldpanel ComTech reported. The research firm found that Samsung helped lift Android to a 70.4 percent share of key European markets The European Parliament President Martin Schulz said there could be a severe impact on EU-US relations if the claims that the US had bugged EU offices in America and accessed computer networks turned out to be true. He's said he's 'deeply worried' about the issue and called for clarification from the US over the stories that have appeared.
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