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Faster internet speeds coming to Starbucks

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Starbucks is teaming up with Google to provide customers with faster internet connections.

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    Expired-Meat Scandal Brew for McDonald’s and KFC in China (9 photos)

    McDonald's Corp and Yum Brands Inc are facing a new food safety scare in China, denting the fast food giants' efforts to shore up reputations and businesses that were hurt by a 2012 safety scandal in one of their biggest markets. McDonald's and KFC-parent Yum apologized to customers on Monday after…

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  • Tackling Food Safety And Supply Chain Issues ICix Raises $25 Million | TechCrunch

    Tainted peanut butter, rotten eggs, bacteria-ridden fruits and vegetables, and chemically compromised merchandise are literally the spoils of the globalization of industry, and the bane of the big businesses that sell most people the food they eat and products they buy. For years, companies…

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