Film News Pop: 'Fruitvale Station' Poised to Make Waves During Awards Season

Wochit 1:20 mins

Every year, it seems, one independent movie breaks out from the Sundance Film Festival in January and manages to make a splash during awards season. Last year it was Beasts of the Southern Wild. In 2010, it was Winter?s Bone. This year that movie is Fruitvale Station. The movie, which opens this week in selected cities, has already won accolades and has garnered near unanimous critical approval. If this movie follows the track record of those other breakouts, it should do quite well come awards season. Charlie Day may play the nerdy scientist in Pacific Rim, but don't let the sheepish facade fool you. He's?kicking alien butt and taking names in the big budget apocalyptic?sci-fi flick ?and he's even ready to demonstrate his movie-trained skills off camera should the end of the world come sooner rather than later. Actress Rachael Leigh Cook?s new TV role has helped her realize she suffers from face blindness. The pregnant ?She?s All That? star plays an FBI agent in drama ?Perception,? and she admits she has learned a lot about neurological behavior while researching her part ? and now she?s convinced she has prosopagnosia.

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