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Finance Latest News: Fed Survey Shows Hedge Funds Leveraged up to Buy Stocks

Wochit 1:08 mins

Hedge fund investors were recently borrowing aggressively to fund stock bets relative to their strategies since the financial crisis, a Federal Reserve survey showed on Monday. The Fed's Senior Credit Officer Survey showed one in five respondents reported hedge fund client's leverage, a measure of the amount of debt used to make financial bets, was near its highest level for equity-oriented funds since a pre-crisis peak. Walt Disney Co. (DIS) shares never broke stride the day following the box office flop by big budget ?The Lone Ranger.? The stock was up 1.2% , half again as strong as the Dow Jones industrials. And that makes perfect sense. European finance ministers moved towards granting Greece the latest installment in its bailout program after international debt inspectors pushed the cash-strapped country to pick up the pace of much-needed reforms.

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