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Financial Services Latest News: Fed Survey Shows Hedge Funds Leveraged up to Buy Stocks

Wochit 1:07 mins

Hedge fund investors were recently borrowing aggressively to fund stock bets relative to their strategies since the financial crisis, a Federal Reserve survey showed on Monday. The Fed's Senior Credit Officer Survey showed one in five respondents reported hedge fund client's leverage, a measure of the amount of debt used to make financial bets, was near its highest level for equity-oriented funds since a pre-crisis peak. Supervisors of the Basel Committee of global banking sought further views on the complexity of new bank capital regulations designed to insulate the world's financial system from another crash. Committee chairman Stefan Ingves said the regulators were "keenly aware" of the debate on whether the rules were too complex but had not yet decided whether they should be changed. The body charged with handling Britain's stakes in lenders has hired a senior banker from UBS to manage its holdings in the 'bad bank' books of Northern Rock and Bradford & Bingley.

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