Flake, McCain Strike Hopeful Note On Immigration Bill At Town Hall

Wochit 1:14 mins

Sen. John McCain of Arizona and Sen. Jeff Flake, two of the Republican senators who helped craft the Senate immigration reform bill, said that they are still hopeful that the GOP-led House will ultimately approve a measure that includes a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. President Barack Obama met on Tuesday with a new five-member panel he appointed to review the privacy issues involved with U.S. government surveillance programs after a public outcry about privacy in the wake of leaks by a former spy agency contractor. The decision the United States is about to make on Syria ? how and where to punish President Bashar Assad for using poison gas on his own people ? will touch just about every important piece on the geopolitical board. China, Israel, Iran, Hezbollah, al Qaeda. Even North Korea, half a world away and always eager to make trouble, tried to export gas masks to Syria ? believed to be for government forces ? before they were seized in Turkey along with arms and ammunition.

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