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Free To Be... Isaac Mizrahi

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Free To Be... Isaac Mizrahi

Free To Be... Isaac Mizrahi
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Free To Be... Isaac Mizrahi

by Wochit 0:55 mins

In less than a week, New York Fashion Week will officially roll into town, turning a wide swath of the city into a carnival of journalists, buyers, bloggers, label-obsessed shoppers and ? most notably ? anxious designers. Isaac Mizrahi will not be among them. At 51, Mr. Mizrahi has moved on, after licensing his name and selling his company to Xcel Brands, evolving from fashion designer to ?polymath ? businessman, entertainer.? FX is moving forward with a Paul Giamatti drama. The cable network has ordered the hour-long effort, titled Hoke, to pilot. The entry is described as a darkly comedic drama based on Charles Willeford's series of novels, Sideswipe, New Hope for the Dead and The Way We Die Now.

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