Google News Byte: Here Comes Android 4.3: Google's Newest OS Adds Big Boost to Graphics

As expected, Google announced the newest version of its Android mobile operating system and it looks like a big focus of the latest upgrade is improving smartphones' and tablets' graphics capabilities. Android 4.3, which Google announced during its "breakfast" press conference, is shipping on the company's newest Nexus 7 tablet. The new OS is adding support for low-power Bluetooth devices such as healthy sensors that can display data on your smartphone or tablet. Motorola released a trio of devices at a special press event for its line of Verizon phones in New York City. The company showed off phones that in many ways resembled their Droid devices of the past, and these keep the Droid branding, too. British Prime Minister David Cameron challenged the Internet search engine providers Google, Yahoo and Bing after evidence in two recent high-profile child murders in Britain has shown that the killers accessed online child pornography. Cameron said search engines must block results for searches using blacklisted keywords to stop Internet users accessing illegal images.
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