Google News Byte: The Lows and Highs of Small Android Tablets

At the Google press breakfast where the company unveiled the new Nexus 7 -- Google's first product franchise with "the new" Apple-esque branding -- the company made sure to highlight the many benefits of the 2013 product compared with its earlier foray into the tablet space. Google recently updated its Nexus 7 tablet, with a new design and brand new specs including a more powerful processor and much better screen. The device also has the distinction of being among the first in line for new Android updates, so it's an early-adopter's delight. For the most part, the Moto X is just another smartphone. In fact, it's been dubbed a mid-range phone that won't excite hardcore Android fans. But it's not meant to appeal to the minority. It's designed to attract the masses like an Apple device, with fit and finish, such as customizing the look with custom hues and patterns, and a few features that may sway Android users loyal to Samsung, and perhaps a few disgruntled iPhone users, to switch.
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